myColdCup for Kids

Enjoy great tasting, ice-cold milk, smoothies, and juice.

At lunch or on the go. Your secret ingredient is myColdCup.

Lunchtime is a hit with kids when they can enjoy nutritious, ice-cold drinks

in a thermal cup that is cleverly designed, easy to clean and fun to use.

Kid-first thinking.

Engineer designed, perfected by moms,

Made for school-age kids.

  • Tapered cup for kid-sized hands
  • Unbreakable stainless steel
  • Nutritious, better tasting cold drinks = fewer unfinished lunches
  • Fun colors and cool design means talk of the lunchroom isn't about what's inside
  • Only you and your child know if your're serving chocolate milk or a green smoothie $25

Stay-clean cup by design.

A priority for parents, a priority for us.

  • Wide opening makes hand-washing easy
  • All major lid parts sealed for easy cleaning; no small parts to go missing or need special care
  • Simplicity meets durability and performance:  food-grade silicone outside and stainless steel inside
  • Smart seal: no hard to reach places to clean (so important for milk)
  • Polished exterior stays smooth, wipes clean, easy for kid-sized hands to hold


Here's how myColdCup redefines what you expect from a thermal cup.

  • Cold drinks taste better - ice-cold for 6 hrs or more
  • Deep chill!  The only cup on the market that makes drinks even colder than the fridge for the first few hours of use
  • Award winning product and your best choice for fresh-tasting milk, smoothies, and juice at lunchtime
  • Lunch sized cool: fits one cafeteria-sized milk carton
  • No more waiting in the cafeteria milk line.  With myColdCup, your child's ice-cold drink is ready to enjoy at the start of lunch.
  • Powerful dual purpose - remove freeze stick and myColdCup keeps hot drinks warm

myColdCup thermal technology built-in.

With myColdCup, cold stays cold, hot stays hot.  Longer.

For better taste.  For greater value.  All by design.

  • Designed by a Canadian company for everyday use
  • The sum of over half a decade of design and engineering by experts in thermal technology
  • Note: freeze stick has been upgraded - plastic is white (no dyes) with distilled water in inside rather than gel

Stay-green principles.

Because great products are sustainable products.

  • myColdCup is BPA free and phthalate free
  • Freeze stick exterior is pharmaceutical grade #2 HDPE plastic
  • Freeze stick interior is pure distilled water
  • Stainless steel is 18/8 quality, made by manufacturer of top commercial brands, and meets even the most stringent specifications for performance and safety
  • Meets all food and safety requirement in the USA, Canada, and Europe

Deep chill! The only cup on the market that keeps milk at the right temperature for 6 hours.

The sum of over half a decade of design and engineering by experts in thermal technology.

School lunch milk

Organic, whole, chocolate milk, or smoothies.  It`s your choice.

Luke came home from school yesterday and said that a grumpy lunch lady shouted, "come on Luke, hurry up, get in line to buy your milk", Luke said he just gave a little smile and raised his My Cold Cup and said, "I have my milk right here". He said the lunch lady and the cafeteria monitor came over to check it out. I think Luke was really pleased to have a solution to this daily drama."

[2 years later] "The cold cups are still being used and going strong!"

Heather, Pennsylvania, USA

Add cold milk to protein shakes

Take milk with you. Ready when you want a fresh, cold shake

" The main reason I went with your cold cups is starting next week I'm going to start working out in the gym again. I will be having a protein shake at work. I've tried various products to keep my skim milk cold till noon but none worked very well. I use a shaker to mix the protein powder and milk. ...I really don't like luke warm shakes. I'm currently enrolled in a Rescue Diver course and I need to get stronger to handle the gear I wear, one of the heaviest tanks on the market."

[6 months later] "The cold cups work better than expected. Very pleased."

Rick, Michigan, USA

The smallest office fridge

Cold milk at your desk

Always ready

Enjoy the convenience of cold milk within reach whenever you want it. Perfect for coffee or tea at work. No more packaged creamers or milk substitute powder. And no more trips to the office fridge!

​myColdCup Quick Tips

Only have 20 seconds?

This is what you need to know.​

Note: freeze stick has been upgraded - plastic is white (no dyes) with pure distilled water inside (not gel).