Flexible Whiteboard to use with 3D paint, Permanent markers, Dry-erase markers, and  Oil markers. 

Using Different Markers

3D Paint

Use 3D paint for a stunning effect for anything you want to keep on the whiteboard.  Easy to take off if you need to remove it, but will not come off when wiped with a dry-erase  eraser.  3D paint is found in craft stores. It is most often used for painting designs on t-shirts.

3D paintcan be removed by immediately wiping it off with a tissue or, once it is fully dry one day later, it can be removed by peeling off. It will not be accidentally erased when using dry-erase markers or isopropyl alcohol.

3If it is on for a long time, it will still come off but will require more effort to remove it.

Watch video to see how easily it comes off.

Permanent Marker

Use permanent marker for anything you want to stay on longer. Permanent marker is easily removed with a soft paper towel and isopropyl alcohol (found at any drugstore for a few $).

Do not use dry-erase markers to remove permanent marker because overtime this will ruin the dry-erase marker and the dry-erase eraser. The permanent marker will get onto the dry-erase marker tip and onto the erase and not be removable.  You will think the whiteboard is not good, but in fact, it is the dry eraser and the marker that are causing the problem because of the permanent marker ink on them.

Paint Pen

For clean beautiful writing, use a paint pen.  Easily removed with isopropyl alcohol. (check paint pen to confirm it will remove with alcohol.)  

One advantage of Paint Pens over Permanent marker is that the paint pen will not be removed if a dry-erase marker line crosses the paint pen line.  Video shows the difference between when a dry-erase marker line crosses a permanent marker and a paint pen line.  However, sometimes the dry-erase marker will remove the paint pen.  Always test first.

Oil Marker

Use Oil marker for fine lines that you want to keep on.  Great for making a calendar or adding a design to your white board.   Oil markers come in lots of colors and different widths. (found at craft stores)

Use with caution!  Sometimes Oil Marker will come off the whiteboard (using tissue and isopropyl alcohol), and sometimes it will not. There is no guarantee it will come off, so try it on a small corner first if you might want to remove it later, just to see if it comes off for you.

The video shows the oil marker coming off easily and cleanly for the first try, but for the second example, it is really difficult to take off. The end result for the second try was a permanent ghost line.