Flexible  Magnetic  Whiteboard 

Create your own Whiteboard Calendars and Message Boards

Whiteboard Calendar

Fridge Message Whiteboard

Side-by-Side Comparison

 Removing Different Types of Markers

Overwrite the Permanent Markers with a dry-erase marker. Only wipe with a tissue.  Do not wipe with a dry-erase eraser, or the permanent marker will stick onto the dry-erase eraser .

The Whiteboard is only the start.

Cuts easily with scissors

This flexible white board is tear-resistant but is easily cut to any shape with scissors.  No need for square corners!

Corner Design ideas included

Template corner designs are included. Choose a style for all four corners or mix and match for a unique look. Cut out the template, trace with dry erase marker onto the whiteboard, and cut whiteboard design with scissors. Or design your own unique look.

Sticks to magnetic surfaces

Magnetic whiteboard sticks to any magnetic surface - fridges, lockers, cabinets. If magnets stick on the fridge, this white board will too! Once whiteboard is on the surface, magnets will stick on top of whiteboard as well. Will not hold magnets by itself.

Whiteboard on white fridge? No problem!

Simply use 3D paint to make a border! 

Fridge magnets will stick on top of the whiteboard.

goKelvin Flexible Whiteboard 11"x14"

  • Durable surface can be erased more than 100,000 times. No ghosting or residue. Dry-erase marker erases completely and easily even after being left on more than 5 months (tested with Expo and Quartet Dry Erase Markers).
  • Even after 5 months, permanent markers remove easily with isopropyl alcohol  (tested with Bic and Sharpie Permanent Markers.)
  • Whiteboard surface is PET film which is a safer plastic to have in your home than vinyl. Whiteboard is high quality material designed to last, moisture proof and tear resistance.
  • Advanced film technology with high quality anti-aging substrate.

Whiteboard Sample   3x 3"   Included FREE

Perfect for testing markers before using them on the large whiteboard.